Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a few of the questions we receive most often.
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As a job candidate, does it cost me anything to work with LaunchPad?

No, our services are free for our job candidates.

Do I need professional experience to use LaunchPad services?

No, we help new grads and experienced professionals.

Do I need to have Canadian citizenship to use LaunchPad?

Yes, our services are for Canadian citizens. Launchpad IS NOT an immigration agent.

If my credentials are not recognized in Canada, can LaunchPad help me?

Unfortunately, Launchpad cannot help you if your credentials are not recognized by the regulatory bodies in Canada.

Do I need to be able to speak English to work in Canada.

Yes, you must be fluent in English. For positions in Quebec, you may also need to be fluent in French.

Does LaunchPad help healthcare professionals from outside of Canada?

Yes we do, though you must be work-ready (professional registration and visa, if needed) in Canada to work with Launchpad.

Do you place dental hygienests, nurses, or kinesiologist?

Yes, we do.

How long will the entire process take?

This could vary from weeks to months, depending on your readiness to work from an accreditation standpoint, and the availability of jobs at the time of your search. We recommend reaching out early in your search so we can monitor the market for your dream career.

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